GDP Direct distribution implementation

The challenge

A world leading pharmaceutical distributor centralized most of its products into a central European Distribution Centre in Belgium with a country-by-country phased implementation project, including direct distribution to end users (hospitals, pharmacies and wholesalers)

The approach

  • Solution design and carrier selection based on market driven lead times
  • Contract and SLA negotiation,
  • GDP compliance,
  • Implementation of automated carrier allocation,
  • Carrier IT integration (order, status, delivery),
  • Coordination of User Acceptance Testing
  • Implementation of freight bill auditing,
  • Operational implementation and
  • Performance management.

The result

LOGIBILITY implemented the GDP compliant direct distribution solutions for the assigned countries on time and in budget and with ‘first time right’ quality levels.

LOGIBILITY continuously assessed progress against the original business case and reflected design to the expected benefits and quality levels. This approach allowed LOGIBILITY to recommend the customer to reconsider the centralization of the inventory for certain European remote areas

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