Outsourcing of Customer Service Centres

The challenge

A leading FMCG distributor had decided to outsource most of its European customer service activities to external service providers for cost reduction purposes.

Three outsourcing partners in different locations (India, Bulgaria, Poland, Morocco and South Africa) were selected, that would need to take over the majority of the work of 9 existing customer service centres throughout Europe.

The approach

To start managing this project, LOGIBILITY guided its customer through the process of defining the detailed scope of processes to be outsourced and partner/location assignment.

Together with the customers’ cross-functional project team, LOGIBILITY then determined the resource requirements (human and capital), IT requirements and training needs,.

LOGIBILITY also led the project team, established the project plan and executed it, together with all customers and partners project team members and reported to the customers’ program board.

The result

In time and in budget outsourcing of:

  • 3,6 Million customer contacts annually
  • 275 FTE customer service agents
  • 6 different languages

with equal performance and quality levels and an increased productivity.

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